LTLC-553: The Leadership Challenge Report a Broken Link

In today's increasingly complex organizations, leaders must create environments in which positive things happen, and others are inspired to contribute at their highest levels. Leaders not only serve as change agents who guide, transform, and bring out the best in their employees to achieve extraordinary results, they also understand the importance of self-reflection and challenging their own assumptions. Leaders are found at all levels of an organization, and leadership can be cultivated, nurtured, and expressed by mastering a set of practices that enhance leadership skills and competencies. The focus of this course is on helping you further develop your leadership potential. Leadership is a learnable set of practices that can be deciphered and understood. Leadership is not reserved for the very few, nor is it based on a particular gene or birth into the "right" family circle. Developing leadership potential is about acquiring proficiencies in key areas that leverage pre-existing skills and expertise. It is about raising personal awareness, developing personal understanding, and learning new ways to do things at work. Leadership is about change mastery—and the first steps begin with changing your own perceptions.

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