INST 301: Indigenous Education Report a Broken Link

This course presents a broad survey of the diverse forms of Indigenous education, highlighting the perspectives of Indigenous peoples and examining the development of new social policy. 

Required Readings

Unit 1

Introduction to Indigenous Education
Home Page: Library and Archives Canada
Home Page: Library and Archives Canada

Unit 2

Indigenous Philosophy and Systems of Knowledge(s)
Home page: University of Texas

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Unit 4

Unit 4 Indigenous Approaches to Storytelling
Home page: University of Idaho

Unit 5

Teaching, Learning and Sharing Indigenous Knowledge(s)

Unit 6

Aboriginal Students and Residential Schools
Home page: Aboriginal Healing Foundation
Home page:
Home page: Aboriginal Healing Foundation

Unit 7

Indigenous Knowledge and Indigenous Education

Home page: Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

Unit 8

Developing Curriculum and Policy for Aboriginal Learners

Home page: Western Canadian Protocol for Collaboration in Basic Education

Home page: Government of Alberta: Education Government of Alberta: Education

Unit 9

Collective Memory, Indigenous Knowledge, and Change

Home page: Canadian Council on Learning: Aboriginal Learning Knowledge Centre

Alternative link from AFN site

Unit 10

Lifelong Learning, Social Policy and Indigenous Education

Home page: Institute for Research on Public Policy

About the Project page: What I Learned in Class Today

Home page: First Nations Studies Program. University of British Columbia