INST 301: Indigenous Education Report a Broken Link

The purpose of INST 301: Indigenous Education is to present a broad survey of the diverse forms of Indigenous education, highlighting the perspectives of Indigenous peoples and examining the development of new social policy. The course relies on readings written by Indigenous scholars, activists, Indigenous knowledge holders, and community leaders to broaden students’ understandings of Indigenous Education.

Required Readings

Unit 1

Introduction to Indigenous Education
Home Page: Library and Archives Canada
Home Page: Library and Archives Canada

Unit 2

Indigenous Philosophy and Systems of Knowledge(s)
Home page: University of Texas
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Unit 4

Unit 4 Indigenous Approaches to Storytelling
Home page: University of Idaho

Unit 5

Teaching, Learning and Sharing Indigenous Knowledge(s)

Unit 6

Aboriginal Students and Residential Schools
Home page: Aboriginal Healing Foundation
Home page:
Home page: Aboriginal Healing Foundation

Unit 7

Indigenous Knowledge and Indigenous Education

Home page: Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

Unit 8

Developing Curriculum and Policy for Aboriginal Learners

Home page: Western Canadian Protocol for Collaboration in Basic Education

Home page: Government of Alberta: Education Government of Alberta: Education

Unit 9

Collective Memory, Indigenous Knowledge, and Change

Home page: Canadian Council on Learning: Aboriginal Learning Knowledge Centre

Alternative link from AFN site

Unit 10

Lifelong Learning, Social Policy and Indigenous Education

Home page: Institute for Research on Public Policy

Home page: First Nations Studies Program. University of British Columbia