CRJS 495: Sex Crimes (Rev. C1) Report a Broken Link

Welcome to CRJS 495: Sex Crimes, a three-credit, senior-level course offered by Athabasca University. The course covers a range of topics that are of mutual interest to professionals involved in the administration of justice, the enforcement or evaluation/rehabilitation sectors.

Sexual crimes, more than any other type, incite a reaction in the general population that includes anguish, fear and anger. The image of a violent pedophile is rarely without commentary from other community members. However, such strong sentiments are not accompanied by objective knowledge of this area of crime.

In this course, we explore a range of sex crimes to understand types of offenders and ways in which their behaviours can be modified. Students involved practically in the justice system will find the course content to be of specific relevance. Additionally, it will be of interest to those studying abnormal behaviour and criminology.

Unit 1


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