RAPM-650: Advanced Project Management Report a Broken Link

Worldwide, project management continues to gain acceptance in most industry sectors at a phenomenal rate. Increasingly, companies espouse project management as a core competency (Conference Board of Canada, Project Management Council Meetings, 2000).

The course combines lectures with case studies and other group based activities. The course assumes a basic level understanding of project management. Students are required to complete some pre-reading in preparation for this course. In addition, students who enroll are required to complete and submit a final assignment within four weeks of the program's conclusion.


Please note: Background materials will be available on Tuesday, of the first week however access to the simulation will not be available until Week 2. Please read the background materials, set up the simulation, and make sure you have access before the start of Week 2. If you experience any problems with the simulation please contact the publisher.

Required Readings