LEDM-552 CGCE: Ethics and Decision Making in Complex Situations Report a Broken Link

At any level in the organization, we make decisions. Some of these decisions are fairly common, reduced to procedures or best practices, carrying relatively minor consequences, and often do not require a lot of thought as the outcomes are pretty clear. Other decisions however, are more serious, the outcomes or consequences of which not so certain and containing competing stakeholder needs (economic, social, political and ethical). Canadian Gaming Centre of Excellence (CGCE) participants in this course will explore organizational decision-making in complex situations that involve such factors as multiple stakeholder involvement, access to imperfect information and existence of uncontrolled variables. The learner will explore decision-making processes in circumstances where there are several alternatives, perspectives and possible consequences.

Typical issues impacting the decision process are discussed including the degree of certainty/uncertainty, risk, and competing stakeholder interests. An ethical decision framework is introduced as another decision-making tool. Armed with these process tools, participants identify and work through the complexities of different decisions and as a result articulate a more comprehensive framework that takes into account environmental, stakeholder, informational and ethical considerations. That’s what this four-week course is all about—making ethical decisions in complex situations - decision making under conditions of uncertainty.

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