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In today’s world, sustainable living has become a fundamental principle of building design. Architecture 527 examines integrated design processes as well as the principles of structural integration. Both types of integration are essential in the creation of high-performance buildings.

Required Readings

Unit 2

Home page: Brigham Young University Photonics
Home page: Queen’s University, Live Building Integrated Learning Centre

Unit 3

Home page: Manitoba Hydro

Click on the chapter title in the menu to the right on the e-book window.

Unit 4

Read pages 7-14.

Home page: Greenspace

Unit 5

Read pages 15-19 and Appendices A, B, and C.

Home page: Greenspace
Home page: Sustainability Solutions Group

Unit 6

Read pages 21-31 and pages 35-86.

Home page: Greenspace

Unit 7

Explore the information available through the links below, made available by Natural Resources Canada:
Comprehensive Energy Use Data (CEUD)

Survey of Household Energy Use (SHEU)

Commercial and Institutional Consumption of Energy Survey (CICES)

Commercial and Institutional Energy Use Survey (CIBEUS)

Home page: Natural Resources Canada

View Tables 4.3.2.A (page 4-7), 4.3.2.B (begins on page 4-8), and 4.3.2.C (begins on page 4-13).

Home page: Natural Resources Canada

Unit 8

Read pages 1-1 to 3-4, pages 3-11 (begin with Section 3.5) to 3.18, and pages 7-1 to 7-11.

Home page: Natural Resources Canada

Unit 9

Home page: Natural Resources Canada
EE4 program for download Home page: Natural Resources Canada CanmetENERGY Software Tools

General Resources

RAIC Centre for Architecture. Archives and Collection. October 2015
Athabasca University. (2014). ePortfolio Orientation.
National Building Code of Canada 2015 and National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2015