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In today’s world, sustainable living has become a fundamental principle of building design. Architecture 527 examines integrated design processes as well as the principles of structural integration. Both types of integration are essential in the creation of high-performance buildings.

Required Readings

Unit 2

Home page: Brigham Young University Photonics
Home page: Queen’s University, Live Building Integrated Learning Centre

Unit 3

Home page: Manitoba Hydro
Click on the chapter title in the menu to the right on the e-book window.

Unit 4

Read pages 7-14.

Home page: Greenspace

Unit 5

Read pages 15-19 and Appendices A, B, and C.

Home page: Greenspace
Home page: Sustainability Solutions Group

Unit 6

Read pages 21-31 and pages 35-86.

Home page: Greenspace

Unit 7

Explore the information available through the links below, made available by Natural Resources Canada:
Comprehensive Energy Use Data (CEUD)

Survey of Household Energy Use (SHEU)

Commercial and Institutional Consumption of Energy Survey (CICES)

Commercial and Institutional Energy Use Survey (CIBEUS)

Home page: Natural Resources Canada

View Tables 4.3.2.A (page 4-7), 4.3.2.B (begins on page 4-8), and 4.3.2.C (begins on page 4-13).

Home page: Natural Resources Canada

Unit 8

Read pages 1-1 to 3-4, pages 3-11 (begin with Section 3.5) to 3.18, and pages 7-1 to 7-11.

Home page: Natural Resources Canada

Unit 9

Home page: Natural Resources Canada
EE4 program for download Home page: Natural Resources Canada CanmetENERGY Software Tools

General Resources

RAIC Centre for Architecture. Archives and Collection. October 2015
Athabasca University. (2014). ePortfolio Orientation.