IDRL 309/LGST 310: Human Rights, The Charter, and Labour Relations (Rev. C1/C3) Report a Broken Link

Industrial Relations 309 / Legal Studies 310 is a three-credit, senior-level, cross-disciplinary course that examines the discourse and operations of human rights in Canada. The course pays particular attention to how human rights affect employment relationships in Canadian workplaces and what this can tell us about so-called human rights.

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Athabasca University. (2012). IDRL 309/LSGT 310 Course introduction [Video file].

Unit 1

All required readings for Unit 1 are on the course website.
Supplementary Readings
All Optional Readings for Industrial Relations 309 / Legal Studies 310 are considered supplementary to the course. You will develop your literature search skills as you search for and obtain these materials on your own.

Unit 3

Required Readings
Former title and citation: Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act, RSA 2000, c H-14.
Human Rights legislation from another Canadian jurisdiction as found on the Canadian Human Rights Commission website at

Unit 4

Required Readings

Chapter 5: Freedom of Association and the Dissociation of Workers, pp. 77-86.
Chapter 6: Power to the Powerful, pp. 87-100.
In the "Page" box, enter 88 to take you to the beginning of Chapter 5.