EDUC / HRMT 310: The Canadian training system (Rev. C2/C1) Report a Broken Link

This course introduces you to the training system in Canada, including the major concepts, players, and issues involved in achieving a match between the skills required by the Canadian labour market and the skills offered for pay in that same labour market. Specifically, the debates about the forms of training that should be provided, who should have access to acquiring those skills, and who should be responsible for the structure, financing, and delivery of training are examined in the broader context of the changing nature of work and the labour market. The course also looks at how various aspects of the Canadian training system have evolved, and how the different labour market partners (employers, workers, governments, and education and training providers) collaborate and conflict in pursuing the goals and expectations each has for the employed and unemployed members of Canada’s labour force.

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 5

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