HLST 200 (Rev. C6): Introduction to Human Health (I) Report a Broken Link

Anyone can produce a health information website. But just because the information appears on an Internet website, it does not mean that the information is correct. For example, while the website Wikipedia contains a lot of information, the accuracy of the material cannot be verified. Therefore such sites should not be used as academic references.

The websites listed in this Digital Resource Room offer reliable health information for Canadians.

Supplementary Readings

Unit 1

Health and Wellness

Unit 2


Unit 3

Reproductive Choices and Pregnancy

Unit 4


Unit 5


Unit 6

Active Living

Unit 7


Unit 8

Tobacco and Caffeine

Unit 9

Heart Health and Disease

Unit 10

Cancer and Non-Infectious Conditions

Unit 11

Communicable Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections

Unit 12