APST 350: (Revision 1) Applied Architectural Sciences Report a Broken Link

APST 350: Applied Architectural Sciences introduces scientific principles important in the design, analysis, and evaluation of the building envelope. The course also relates building assemblies, components, and materials to thermal, hydrostatic, and hygrometric conditions. The purpose of this course is not to delve into the theory of phenomena, but to link theoretical knowledge to application in practice.

Unit 2

Home page: Architecture 2030

Home page: Architecture 2030

Unit 3

Government of Canada: Water and the environment
Hunter and Central Coast Regional Environmental Management Strategy (HCCREMS). (2012). Water Smart Model Planning Provisions 2012.

Unit 4

Home page: National Research Council Canada

Home page: National Research Council Canada

Home page: ASHRAE

Unit 5

Home page: Centre for the Built Environment (CBE), University of California Berkeley

Unit 7

Home page: The challenge series

Unit 12

Home page: Vancouver City Savings Credit Union

Home page: The challenge series