ENSC 200: Introductory Environmental Science Report a Broken Link

The articles for the article review assignment are listed under the required readings for Unit 13. Please read the instructions carefully and consult the assignment manual or the instructions on the course website. You will also find supplemental materials listed under the appropriate course unit.

Unit 1: Environmental Science and the Scientific Method

Supplementary Readings

General Environmental Science Information
World Resources Institute report on people and ecosystems
A general encylopedia on environmental issues. This book is available for loan from the library. If you wish to borrow this book click on "Request this Item" and fill out the form.
Conducting Scientific Inquiry
What is Science?
Experimental Analysis
Statistics and Graphing
Writing Tips

Unit 2: The Earth's Physical Spheres

Supplementary Readings

Table of Chemical Elements
A course on understanding the physical earth system - the lithosphere
Physical and Chemical Properties of Household Substances
Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment
Canadian Landscapes – photos and descriptions of a variety of Canadian landscapes

Unit 3: Energy Flows and Nutrient Cycles

Supplementary Readings

A Lab on Biogeochemical Cycles: Carbon

Unit 4: The Biosphere

Supplementary Readings

Environment Canada's website on Ecosystems in Canada
Alberta Natural Heritage Information Centre

Unit 5: Environmental Stressors

Unit 6: Populations

Supplementary Readings

Statistics Canada Website – various population related data available

Unit 7: Resources

Supplementary Readings

Water Use and Pollution dilution exercise
A site discussing windpower alternatives

Unit 8: Toxic Elements

Supplementary Readings

Environment Canada website on Mercury in the Environment
Canadian Federal Contaminated Sites and Solid Waste Landfills Inventory
Reports on Toxic Waste sites

Unit 9: Pesticides

Supplementary Readings

Environment Canada:Hinterland Who's Who

Unit 10: Air Pollution and Climate Change

Supplementary Readings

General Science of Climate and Climate Change
Exercise on Absorption Of Solar Radiation - Greenhouse Effect
Stratospheric Ozone
International Panel on Climate Change Good source of information on the science and policy issues
Environment Canada’s climate change website
The official Home Page for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Two articles in Nature on the impacts of global climate change
Pembina Institute - a research institute focussed on sustainability with a focus on energy related issues
News Reports/Releases about Climate Change
Use this direct link to Green Pages which has news stories on air and climate: http://thegreenpages.ca/ca/category/air-and-climate/
Canada’s Action on Climate Change

Unit 11: Biodiversity

Supplementary Readings

Glossary of Biodiversity terms
Environment Canada's website on endangered species
Canada's Ocean Strategy

Unit 12: Urban Ecology

Supplementary Readings

Tips For Healthy Pesticide-Free Lawns and Gardens
Urban Agriculture

Unit 13: Forestry and the Environment

Required Readings

Journal Article Evaluation Assignment

Unit 14: Agriculture and the Environment

Supplementary Readings

Statistics Canada Agriculture Census Information
The Regulation of Genetically Modified Food
What is Sustainable Agriculture? - From the Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
A satirical take on the issue of healthy foods