FNCE 401 v5 and v6: Investments Report a Broken Link

FNCE 401 examines financial instruments and their analysis in detail. You will gain an understanding of markets and various portfolio theories; investment vehicles; and portfolio management techniques, evaluation, and international investing.

This digital reading room contains several optional readings that will expand upon material presented in the textbook and lesson notes.

Supplementary Readings

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 10

The term structure of interest rates.
Clinton, K. (1994). The term structure of interest rates as a leading indicator of economic activity: A technical note.  Bank of Canada Review - Winter 1994-1995.

Lesson 13

Rosen, A.  (2000, Oct 30). Medical magic act. Canadian Business, 73, 56-57.

Lesson 15

Barbara Donnelly Granito.  (1994, Mar 17). Delta-hedging: The new name in portfolio insurance. Wall Street Journal.

Lesson 17

Bruce Curwood.  (1996). Survival of the fittest: When poor performing managers are dropped from a universe of funds created by performance measurement firms, sponsors should be wary. Canadian Investment Review, 8(4), 9-12.