LERP-586: IT Adoption: ERP and Inventory Management Report a Broken Link

This course has two specific areas of emphasis: the basics of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and inventory management and the implementation and adoption of these applications. It will provide the opportunity to attain a deeper understanding of contemporary technology issues in four related areas: understanding the requirements and selecting the software; evaluating the software and the vendor; inventory management; and implementation methodology, adoption, and performance evaluation. The course also provides an opportunity to research and develop an individual project assignment looking at an executive’s perspective on ERP, or inventory management application implementation experiences.

Required Readings

Lesson 1

Supplementary Readings
Video 1: The Factory—Episode 1: Who Needs an ERP System Anyway? (10:00)
Video 2: The Factory—Episode 2: ERP Benefits with David (14:22)

Lesson 2

Reading 2: O’Donnell, S. W. (n.d.). 5 Steps to Successful ERP Implementation.
Supplementary Readings
Video 3: The Factory, Episode 3: David’s ERP Project (16:17)
Video 4: The Factory, Episode 4: David’s Management Fail (19:43)

Lesson 3

Reading 3: Viswanathan, N. (2009, May). Inventory Management: 3 Key Strategies to Freeing Working Capital. ©2009 Aberdeen Group. www.aberdeen.com
Supplementary Readings
Video 5: The Factory, Episode 5: Trilogy (15:10)

Lesson 4

Reading 4: Ziff Davis B2B. (2013). Top 5 Reasons ERP Implementations Fail and What You Can Do About It. ©2013 Ziff Davis B2B. www.ziffdavis.com
Supplementary Readings
Supplementary Reading 1: Focus Research (2009). ERP Systems Buyer’s Guide. ©Focus Research 2009. www.focus.com.

This supplementary reading is provided as a reference text to assist students in completing Assignment 2.

Video 6: The Factory, Episode 6: CRM/ERP Implementation for Extract Technologies (13:58)
Video 7: The Factory, Episode 7: All’s Well That Ends Well (13:27)