EMDC-644: Managing Diversity For Organizational Sustainability Report a Broken Link

Traditional diversity practices may have served to increase the representation of diverse groups in organizations; however, there is evidence they have failed to tackle the day-to-day behaviours that create exclusion and prevent employees from bringing their full selves to the workplace. In this course, students explore how to gain competitive advantage by leveraging both the visible and invisible differences of employees through the multicultural inclusive organization.

Required Readings

Lesson 1 (Introduction to DM & Sustainability)

Lesson 2 (Identities at Work)

Lesson 3 (The Meaning and Influence of Gender in the Workplace)

Lesson 4 (Common Diversity Management Pitfalls)

Lesson 5 (Barriers to Diversity and Inclusion)

Lesson 6 (Levels of Inclusion)

Lesson 7 (Inclusive Leadership)

Lesson 8 (Putting it all Together)