GLST 384: Europe Since 1945 Report a Broken Link

Welcome to History 384/Global Studies 384: Europe Since 1945, a senior-level three-credit history course that explores the history of Europe during the more than sixty years that have passed since the end of the Second World War.

In many respects, this course is a logical follow-on to History 367/Global Studies 367: The Second World War; moreover, in sequence with History 216: Modern Europe: 1600–1940, the three courses provide a thorough examination of the social, political, intellectual, cultural and economic history of Europe throughout the tumultuous twentieth century. Although History 384/Global Studies 384 is a self-contained course, those students who have already taken either or both of History 216 and History 367/Global Studies 367 will find that they understand more easily the references in the early units of this course to pre-Second World War and wartime events, political and social developments and concepts, international treaties, and cultural and intellectual issues.

Required Readings

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 5