LGST 377: Issues in Access to Information and Privacy Protection Report a Broken Link

Welcome to GOVN 377: Issues in Access to Information and Privacy Protection. This course has been designed for senior students who are interested in the regulatory regime governing information access and protection of privacy in a globalized, networked world. It explains access and privacy rights and interests, and explores the application of the same. It also illustrates the competing ideas of where the boundary should be between transparency and privacy, both of which are said to promote a societal good.

Required Readings

Unit 1

Note: Read Chapter 1

Unit 2

David Lyons, “Surveillance as Social Sorting”

Unit 3

PoliticsMatters, Freedom of Information Act the Pros and Cons

Unit 4

Unit 5

Unit 6

Alternative link  (PDF)

Unit 7

Note: Read Chapter 1, section B, Privacy v. Openness – Census Records only
World Statistics Day and the Canadian Census

Unit 8

Social Media Revolution 2
British parody of facebook (unavailable)
Facebook Song, RhettandLink
UpsideDownIceberg video, “Social Media Marketing in 3 minutes”
ForaTV, Facebook and Youtube Five Years from Now
Facebook Killed the Private Life
Facebook Manners and You
Job Search 102: Facebook/Your Online Profile (unavailable)
How to Avoid Facebook Identity Theft
Privacy and Social networks, Canada, Privacy Commissioner