ENGL 431: Canadian Drama (Rev. A2) Report a Broken Link

English 431: Canadian Drama is a senior-level, three–credit course which provides a survey of Canadian plays from the 1960s to the present. English 431 examines a diversity of theatrical styles and themes, in works from across the country, and interrogates the nature of Canadian drama. Special attention is paid to the use of theatrical innovation or derivation, recurrent themes, sociological or psychological orientation, use of language, and stage imagery. The course includes plays by George Ryga, Michel Tremblay, John Herbert, John Gray, David French, Sharon Pollock, Michel Marc Bouchard, Joan MacLeod, Morris Panych, George Walker, Tomson Highway, Judith Thompson, Robert Lepage, Guillermo Verdecchia, Djanet Sears, and Lyle Victor Albert.

SML 1 Supplementary Readings

Association for Canadian Theatre Research The home page for the association, with links to the Newsletter and Journal, and news on the annual conference and membership.
Atlantic Canada Theatre Site This site contains an excellent bibliography on Canadian theatre research, a site on Herman Voaden with complete scripts of his plays, and online essays from Theatre Research in Canada.
Drama.ca This site provides theatre and festival listings and reviews of productions across Canada.
Encyclopedia of Canadian Theatre on the World Wide Web This is a useful resource for Canadian plays, playwrights, actors, designers, critics, and theatres, with good links, hosted by Athabasca University.
Playwrights Guild of Canada The Guild provides brief biogaphies of Canadian playwrights who are members, and a catalogue of their plays.
Theatre Canada.com This is an on-line directory for the performing arts, listing theatres and productions. It also provides links to other sources on Canadian playwrights.
The Canadian Theatre Record This research resource has been produced and compiled by the Toronto Public Library and its partners for the purpose of providing Canadians with direct access to information about their rich theatre history.
Canadian Theatres
Cahoots Theatre The mandate, history, current and past productions of this Toronto “ethnic” theatre.
Factory Theatre The theatre's home page, with mandate, and current productions.
Obsidian Theatre The theatre's home page, with mandate, current productions and affiliations.
Lyle Victor Albert (1) A video clip of “Scraping the Surface,” performed by the playwright at Kennedy Centre.
Lyle Victor Albert (2) Preview of Scraping the Surface in Scarlet Arts, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
David French Current and upcoming productions, plays, biography, critical praise, readings and workshops, photos, contact information and links.
John Herbert Home page for the playwright, with information on “Fortune and Men's Eyes.”
Tomson Highway Athabasca University's Centre for Language and Literature web site for Tomson Highway with several good links to other sites.

Canadian Theatre Encylopedia biography and overview of plays
Morris Panych Archival material on Panych available at the University of British Columbia.
Sharon Pollock (1) An Athabasca University site that links to an essay on Pollock by Denis Salter.
Sharon Pollock (2) The University of Calgary Special Collections site has an inventory of Pollock's papers.
George Ryga The University of Calgary archives inventory of his papers and letters, and a biocritical essay by James Hoffman.
Michel Tremblay
The Canadian National library and archives site on Canadian writers, with information on Tremblay's life and works.

Canadian Theatre Encylopedia biography and overview of plays
Guillermo Verdecchia (1) The Centre for Media and Culture in Education gives his biography and a list of works.
Guillermo Verdecchia (2) Fronteras Americanas An essay by Silvija Jestrovic entitled "Playwright between Languages"
Djanet Sears (1) African Canadian Online: York University, 2002. A brief biography of Djanet Sears
Djanet Sears (2) “Out of Africa”. Mirror: 2001. A review of Montreal Theatre Workshop’s production of Afrika Solo in 2001, by Amy Barratt.
Djanet Sears (3) "Djanet Sears”: The Literary Encyclopedia. 3 Apr. 2006, by James McKinnon, University of Toronto
Djanet Sears (4)

“Performing African Canadian identity: Diasporic Reinvention in Afrika Solo” by Petropoulos, Jacqueline