IDRL 308: Occupational Health and Safety Report a Broken Link

This digital reading room provides readings needed for students in IDRL 308 to complete Assignment 4. The readings are also available to students in other Athabasca University courses who need to research these issues.

Students in IDRL 308 should read the instructions and advice relating to Assignment 4 provided in their study guide. In particular you should remember that you are required to describe and evaluate the industrial relations implications of one of these topics. The readings below offer a variety of perspectives, and many focus on the health aspects of these topics without discussing industrial relations aspects.

In addition to the more specialist readings below, students may want to review other sites. For example, unions maintain sites that include occupational health and safety information and advice: two such sites are provided below:

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)

A search of the site will reveal information on repetitive strain injuries (RSI) in fact sheets for overuse injuries and also in union publications under Ergonomics—Manuals, leaflets, etc.

On reproductive hazards, look for the booklet “Protect the Future, You and Your Baby.”

There is a health and safety fact sheet on stress on the home page as well as a booklet “Fight Speed Up” which also touches on the subject.

Canadian Autoworkers (CAW)


Stress and work-related illness
Note: Related work by Duxbury and others can be found at
Repetitive strain injury
Women’s health and reproductive hazards
Genetic screening in the workplace
Note: This document is lengthy and deals with US regulation and law. Consult the table of contents on page 6 to locate chapter titles that may be of interest to you.