ANTH 476: Archaeological Theory (Rev. C5) Report a Broken Link

Anthropology 476: Archaeological Theory is designed to provide you with an understanding of the historical development of the theoretical aspects of the discipline, as well as provide an introduction to current theoretical trends taking place within the field of anthropological archaeology.


Introduction [video]

Unit 1

Jay, Emma (director) 2011    Science under attack? BBC Horizon. 24 January.

Unit 3

A-Z of Archaeology: E - Excavation. Archaeosoup Productions.
Evans, Christopher 2014  Soldiering Archaeology: Pitt Rivers and ‘Militarism.’ Bulletin of the History of Archaeology 24(4):1-20. doi: 10.5334/bha.244

Unit 4

A-Z of Archaeology: W – What’s in a Name? Archaeosoup Productions.

Unit 5

A-Z of Archaeology: M – Material Culture. Archaeosoup Productions.

Unit 6

Redman, Charles. 1991. In Defense of the Seventies – The Adolescence of New Archaeology. American Anthropologist 93(2): 295-307.

Unit 7

Leone, Mark P., Parker B. Potter, Jr., and Paul A. Shackel 1987    Toward a Critical Archaeology. Current Anthropology 28(3):283-302.
Conkey, Margaret, and Janet D. Spector 1984    Archaeology and the Study of Gender. Advances in Archaeological Method and Theory 7:1-38.

Unit 8

Conkey, Margaret W., and Joan M. Gero 1997    Programme to Practice: Gender and Feminism in Archaeology. Annual Review of Anthropology 26:411-437.

Unit 9

Nicholas, George P., and Kelly P. Bannister. 2004    Copyrighting the Past? Emerging Intellectual Property Rights Issues in Archaeology. Current Anthropology 45(3):327-350.
Baxter, Jane Eva 2008    The Archaeology of Childhood. Annual Review of Anthropology 37:159-175.
Smith, Laurajane 1994    Heritage Management as Postprocessual Archaeology. Antiquity 68(259):300-309.

Unit 10

Michelle Hegmon 2003    Setting Theoretical Egos Aside: Issues and Theory in North American Archaeology. American Antiquity 68(2):213-243.