HCKY-642: Marketing Hockey Strategically Report a Broken Link

More so than in other professional sports, the bulk of the revenues of a professional hockey franchise derive directly and indirectly from ticketing sales and ingress spending. Fans attending and following games and their geographical markets differ (a) in their ability to pay for tickets, (b) in the amount they will spend on concessions and other merchandise, and (c) in their capacity to attract advertisers and sponsors. Moreover, the appeal of other entertainment options – sports and otherwise – differs among various groups of fans and in different markets. For this reason, the focus of this course is on identifying, understanding, and targeting the fans, viewers, and spectators with the greatest potential to increase a franchise’s profitability and valuation. Specifically, the course takes a marketing decision making (i.e., strategy) approach to each of the key stakeholders in the business of ice hockey.


Required Readings

Week 1

There are no required readings this week.

Week 2

Read the “Financial analysis of the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League (NHL)"

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Read the case "The fall of FSN Chicago and the rise of comcast sportsnet Chicago: The Case of the Chicago Blackhawks"

Supplementary Readings

Week 1 Supp. Rdgs.

Week 5 Supp. Rdgs.

Week 6 Supp. Rdgs.