COMP 308: Java for Programmers Report a Broken Link

COMP 308 provides a solid grounding in object-oriented programming in Java for students who have a background in procedural programming and advanced features of OOP for students with introductory courses in OOP. This course may be used as an elective for students in the BSc (CIS), BA(IS) and BSc (CIS-PD).

unit 1

javadoc online

javadoc online is a search engine project, to get public java documentation over Internet

About the Java Technology
What can java technology do?
How will java technology change my life?

unit 2

Section 1: Java Applets and Applications
A Checklist
Creating Your First Application
A Closer Look at Hello World Application
Getting Started with Applets
NetBeans IDE
Borland JBuider

unit 3

unit 4

unit 5

unit 6

unit 7

jguru: awt
AWT Short Course: Introduction
javabeans (tm) 2
Download AWT 1.0 Tutorial
Swing: Part I, About This Short Course
The Swing Connection

unit 8

Section 2: Java Networking
On cloning and object immutability
Networking Basics
Working with URLs
Working with Sockets

unit 9

Section 1: Threads
Book, Doug Lea, Concurrent Programming in Java
Section 2: Testing and Design
Apache ANT
Introduction to ANT using JUnit
Technical tips on using Logger
A collection of questions of OO design
A brief overview of applets
jguru: awt
AWT Short Course: Introduction
Download AWT 1.0 Tutorial
Swing: Part I
The Swing Connection

unit 10

Section 1
Overview of Java XML APIs
On-line Validator Validate Your XML Document Using IBM's XML4J Parser
Introduction to SAX (Simple API for XML)
Browser Information
Create an XML file for SAX parsing
XML DTD - An Introduction to XML Document Type Definitions
Parse an XML file using SAX parser
Altova XMLSpy® the industry standard XML development environment for modeling, editing, debugging, and transforming all XML technologies
xerces parser
Cover pages: Validate/Check XML
Xalan xslt processor
XML :: XQL :: Tutorial
MSDN Download
WDVL:XLink and XPointer: XML Linking/Pointer Languages
Brett McLaughlin, Java & XML: SOAP O'REILLY on-line catalog
Javadoc utility