COMP 695: Research Methods in Information Systems Report a Broken Link

Unit 1

Techno References
NCSA - A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Visibone Webmaster's Color Lab
html goodies
Crimson Editor
Adobe Acrobat
Research topics
SCIS Faculty

Unit 2

Computer Science Resources
Computer Science Glossary
MIS Magazine
Slashdot discussion of CIS, CS and MIS degrees

Unit 3

(Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)
(Association for Computing Machinery).
SFU Styleguide (
University of Ballarat - Citation Guide
Modern Language Association (MLA) - Styleguide
Literature Review
Reading Articles
Critical Review Paper
How to Read a Scientific Research Paper
Pitfalls of Data Analysis

Unit 4

Project Management Notes
Gantt and Pert Charts
Gantt Chart Notes
Pert Chart Notes
Using Spreadsheets for Project Management
Project Planning Tips
Process Thinking
Gantt Charts
Gantt and Pert Charts
Brief Tutorial on Gantt Charts
Pert Charts
Mindjet - MindManager
The Brain Technologies
WAA Inc.
Critical Tools
KIDASA Software

Unit 5

search engine watch

Unit 6

Unit 7

Modelling, Simulation and Optimization Notes
Simulation Overview
Simulation Journals
Simulation Tools

Unit 8

Probability and Statistics Notes
Mathematical Tools
Statistical Thinking Tools
Statistical Education through Problem Solving
Norman Fenton
Edward Tufte

Unit 9

Programming Techniques
UML Notes
Ant Notes
Unit Testing with JUnit
UML Specification
Apache Ant
Ant Manual
Software Engineering
The Apache Software Foundation
The Apache Jakarta Project

Unit 10

Problem Solving Techniques
Test-Driven Development
Problem Solving Strategies
Problem Solving Techniques
Problem Solving with Computers
Test Driven Development
Test First Guidelines
The Coad Letter: Test-driven Development
The Coad Letter: Test-driven Development Issue 93