PSYC 347: Introduction to Feminist Counselling (Rev. C3) Report a Broken Link

This course is about feminist theory and the development of a feminist model of counselling. It is also about development as a feminist and as a counsellor. Some people may be taking this course to broaden their counselling perspectives; others may be taking the course because they are feminists and want to apply feminist philosophy and theory to their work in the helping professions. This course will help you achieve many objectives, including identifying and describing different theories of feminism and their implications for counselling and recognizing that becoming a qualified feminist counsellor is a complex process that demands time, reflection, self-knowledge, and further study.

Unit 1: The Role of Theory

Unit 2: Principles of Feminist Counselling

Unit 3: Liberal Feminism and Psychotherapy

Unit 4: Implications of Radical Social Change

Unit 5: Third-Wave Feminism and Therapy

Unit 6: Women of Colour

Unit 7: Toward a Transnational Feminist Understanding

Unit 8: Anticolonial Feminist Therapy

Unit 9: Becoming a Feminist Therapist