HCKY-644: Game Day Management & Marketing Report a Broken Link

This course examines the opportunities and challenges associated with the successful production of live hockey games. More so than in other sports, the majority of a hockey franchise’s revenues derive from home games. With a limited number of home games, it is essential that the game day operations and long-term revenue potential of each game be maximized. In this course, every facet of game day operations is viewed through the lens of the franchise’s strategic objectives and, more specifically, in relation to the market segments the franchise is targeting and the types of experiences they desire. Topics covered include project management, advertising and promotion, concessions, pricing strategies and tactics, human resource management (including volunteer management) and facilities management. Attention is also given to promotional and technological innovations (e.g., social media, live streaming) impacting spectators’ and viewers’ game day experiences.

Required Readings

Week 1

          Transcript: http://ath8.fb.athabascau.ca/course/HCKY644/transcript/Intro%20Mark%20Francis.pdf

          Transcript: http://ath8.fb.athabascau.ca/course/HCKY644/transcript/Game%20Operations.pdf

Week 2

          Transcript: http://ath8.fb.athabascau.ca/course/HCKY644/transcript/BaAM_EventProduction%20with%20Reel%20336MB.pdf

Week 3

          Transcript: http://ath8.fb.athabascau.ca/course/HCKY644/transcript/Ron%20Turner.pdf

Week 4

Week 5

          Transcript: http://ath8.fb.athabascau.ca/course/HCKY644/transcript/Ticketing%20Operations%20Module.pdf

Week 6

          Transcript: http://ath8.fb.athabascau.ca/course/HCKY644/transcript/JohnnyMillerTechTalk.pdf

Week 7

          Transcript: http://ath8.fb.athabascau.ca/course/HCKY644/transcript/Liam%20Weseloh.pdf

Week 8

          Transcript: http://ath8.fb.athabascau.ca/course/HCKY644/transcript/Nick%20Colletti.pdf