ANTH 272: Introduction to Archaeology (Rev. C3) Report a Broken Link

This course is designed to provide you with an extensive overview of the theories, methods, and practice of archaeology. It examines the nature and aims of archaeology; the methods and material remains used to reconstruct the past; the economic, social, political, and ideological systems of human experience; the biology of people of the past; the causes of culture change; and the place of archaeology in our contemporary world.

Unit 1: The Framework of Archaeology

1.1—The History of Archaeology

Unit 2: Discovering the Variety of Human Experience

2.1—Social Archaeology: How Were Societies Organized?
2.2—Environmental Archaeology: What Was the Environment?
2.4—Technology: How Did They Make and Use Tools?

Unit 3: The World of Archaeology

3.1—Five Case Studies

Eight-part video series.