HERM 670: Industrial Heritage Report a Broken Link

This course introduces the field of industrial heritage and teaches students to apply the techniques of industrial archaeology to study, protect, interpret, and use the historical resources in our towns and landscapes left by industrial societies.

Unit 1: Introduction to Industrial Heritage

Read pages 1–5 and 11–16.

Read pages 23–39.

Unit 2: The Industrial Revolution and the Challenge of the Evidence

Read pages 6–­11. You are also strongly encouraged to read the article in its entirety.

Unit 3: Understanding the Resource

Read pages 31–44.

Read pages 11–19. 

Unit 4: Determining Cultural Significance

Read pages 1–29.

Unit 5: Conservation Strategies

Read pages 191–209.

Read pages 83–134.

Unit 6: Heritage-Led Regeneration

Read pages 3–18.

Unit 7: Collections and Museums

Read pages 19–23.

Unit 8: Exhibitions and Interpretation

Unit 9: Industrial Heritage Tourism

Reading begins on page 144 of the PDF.

Unit 10: Future Trends

Read the following sections:

2. Commemorative Integrity
3. Vision and Guiding Principles
4. Heritage Conservation
7. Heritage Presentation
8. Visitor Facilities and Services
9. Heritage Tourism and Recreation

Unit 11: Onsite Field Study

Read pages 1–29.