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Unit 1

This unit is intended to help you to prepare for a good start. It will guide you to set up the computing environment for the course, and review some basic concepts about computer networks and the Web. As a 200 level course, it does not expect you to have in-depth knowledge about computing and information systems, but it does assume that you have completed AU's Comp 200 or similar courses elsewhere.
Introduction to HTML

Unit 2

This unit will cover the basic HTML markup tags
CSS tutorials and articles

Unit 3

This unit will teach more advanced tags.
COMP 266 Course Data

Unit 4

This unit teaches you how to use CSS to program Web pages for easy modification and consistent appearance. you will gain some understanding of the importance of user interfaces to a computer system.

Unit 5

Units 5 to 11 teach you how to program in JavaScript. Since some of you may not have programmed in any language at all, this unit will begin with the basics of JavaScript. It takes advantage of the Web by providing students with an interactive online learning environment, so that you will be able to easily acquire some programming skills.

Unit 6

This unit will teach you how to control the flow of your programs in JavaScript.

Unit 7

This unit will teach you how to define and use functions in JavaScript.

Unit 8

This unit will teach students how to use objects to program in JavaScript.

Unit 9

This unit teaches you in detail how to use some core objects pre-defined in JavaScript. These core objects include Array, Date, Math and the so-called Wrapper object.

Unit 10

This unit will teach students how Web documents and their components are modeled in terms of objects in JavaScript, and how to access these objects from JavaScript programs.

Unit 11

This unit will teach students how events such as mouse motions and keystrokes are modeled in JavaScript, and how to program with these events in JavaScript.

Unit 12

This unit will teach students some advanced yet interesting uses of JavaScript in Web programming. These include client detection, image rollover, banner, color, font, layout, navigation, dropdown and popup menus, animation, and audio and video.

Course Videos