APRJ-699: Applied Projects Report a Broken Link

The MBA Applied Project (APRJ-699) is an academic research paper completed in five months. The paper is a capstone undertaking completed with guidance from an academic supervisor. The Applied Project involves a review of the literature and the systematic application of frameworks, models, concepts, and theories from MBA courses to a specific business problem or situation, for which students develop practical recommendations. The Applied Project is completed in two phases. In Phase 1 (Month 1) students develop a concise proposal and are then assigned to an Academic Supervisor. In Phase 2 (Months 2-5) students conduct their research and write the paper.

Lesson 1

Students may find this summary on writing a literature review a good supplement to their knowledge and the textbook. The information explains what a literature review is, provides students with questions they can ask themselves to assess the quality of a paper, and may assist students in structuring their literature review.

Supplementary Materials

Under the Researching category, play particular attention to the following topics:

  • Critical Reading Towards Critical Writing
  • Taking Notes from Research Reading

This web page provides useful information on literature reviews.

Lesson 2

Supplementary Materials

This site provides lots of information on academic writing. Under the Specific Types of Writing category, pay particular attention to "The Academic Proposal" material.

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Supplementary Materials

See in particular these subsections: Conducting an Interview Presentation, Conducting Primary Research, and Writing a Research Paper. The APA information is also helpful, and students will find information on writing up statistics under the main heading of Writing in the Social Sciences.

This is a useful site if a student is using evaluation research for his or her Applied Project. It also provides links to other sites on research methods in social sciences.

This material on conducting interviews provides a seven-module tutorial on how to conduct interviews. Optionally, a set of seven applications is also available to help students apply what they learn.

This PDF is a resource pack that reviews in detail what qualitative data are, theories and methods of qualitative data analysis, and the stages of qualitative data analysis. The glossary explains some basic terms of qualitative data analysis and the appendices provide examples of sample transcripts. This is a useful resource that can help students understand how to analyze qualitative data.

Dr. Trochim’s website provides excellent in-depth information on research methods, specifically quantitative studies. Please check out the table of contents and peruse the sections that may pertain to your project.

This resource is a PDF file of a workshop that includes additional suggested Internet links.

This tutorial provides more in depth and advanced information on survey development.

Dr. Dallal’s site elaborates on different statistical tests that can be used in quantitative analysis.

Lesson 5

Instructions for Filing Your Applied Project in the Digital Thesis and Project Room (DTPR)

Please see your APRJ-699 Study Guide, section 5.2, Filing the Paper in the DTPR for these instructions. If you have not replicated your Study Guide lately, please do so to ensure you see the instructions.

Supplementary Materials

Under the Specific Types of Writing category, pay particular attention to "The Abstract" material..