RBGR-695: Doing Business in Greece Report a Broken Link

In this six credit course, students will gain real-world international business experience by exploring business opportunities, as well as organizational problems, firms face in a recovering economy like Greece. The core of this course consists of experiential learning opportunities though the lens of real case business challenges and projects of Greece-based companies (referred to as "clients") that students will work on. Due to the nature of these consulting projects and the emphasis on preparing participants for strategy-related business challenges, this course will focus on:

  • management consulting concepts and methodologies
  • strategic management concepts, tools and techniques of strategic analysis, and the formulation and implementation of competitive and corporate strategy

Students will explore the concepts and tools through readings and take part in discussions. The eighth week in Athens (in residence week) consists of a series of lectures, business and cultural site visits, tours, and student presentations. Moreover, students will gain direct experience from business establishment visits to a variety of sites that are the benchmarks in their industry/sector of activity. The ninth and tenth weeks will be spent writing the final group consulting report.

Required Readings

Lesson 1

Teaching Note 1.1: Course Introduction
Teaching Note 1.2: Introduction to Consulting
Teaching Note 1.3: The Business and Economic Context

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Teaching Note 3.1: The Nature of Strategic Management
Teaching Note 3.2: The Business Vision and Mission
Teaching Note 3.3: The External Assessment

Lesson 4

Teaching Note 4.1: The Internal Assessment

Lesson 5

Teaching Note 5.1: Strategies in Action

Lesson 6

Teaching Note 6.1: Strategy Analysis and Choice
There are no readings this week.

Lesson 7

Teaching Note 7.3: Strategy Review, Evaluation, and Control

Lesson 8

There are no readings this week.

Lesson 9

There are no readings this week.

Lesson 10

There are no readings this week.

Supplementary Readings

Lesson 1 Supp. Rdgs.

Lesson 2 Supp. Rdgs.

There are no readings this week.

Lesson 3 Supp. Rdgs.

Lesson 4 Supp. Rdgs.

There are no readings this week.

Lesson 5 Supp. Rdgs.

Lesson 6 Supp. Rdgs.

Lesson 7 Supp. Rdgs.

There are no readings in Lessons 8, 9 or 10.