SOCI 348: Sociology of Environment and Health Report a Broken Link

Unit 1: Getting Started

Reading is on pages 10–31 of the PDF.

Unit 2: How Communities Organize to Investigate and Challenge Toxic Exposure

Read the following sections:

  • Introduction, pp. 1–2
  • Paradise Lost, pp. 3–19
  • Sons of Steel, pp. 20–43
  • In the Shadow of the Valley, pp. 44–67

Unit 3: Popular Epidemiology in Contaminated Communities

Unit 4: Cancer and the Environment

Unit 5: Holding Governments, Corporations, and Scientists Accountable

Unit 6: Exploring Industrial Agriculture and Violence against Health Care Workers

No required readings.

Unit 7: Economic Well-Being vs. Human Health—the Emergence and Roles of Social Movements

Unit 8: Case Studies—Environmental Threats at Home and at Work

Forster, J. (Producer), Calvert, P., & Plain Speech (Writers). (2006). The beloved community [Video file]. San Francisco: California Newsreel. Used with permission.

  • Read the Executive Summary, page 5–10.