SOCI 348: Sociology of Environment and Health (Rev. C2) Report a Broken Link

Sociology 348: Sociology of Environment and Health is a three-credit, intermediate-level course that explores the relationship between the impacts of industrial activity on the environments in which people live and work and the health of those exposed to these impacts. It also examines movements pushing for justice for migrant farmworkers and preventing violence against health care workers.

Unit 1: Getting Started

Unit 2: How Communities Organize to Investigate and Challenge Toxic Exposure

Read the following sections:

  • Introduction, pp. 1–2
  • Paradise Lost, pp. 3–19
  • Sons of Steel, pp. 20–43
  • In the Shadow of the Valley, pp. 44–67

Unit 3: Popular Epidemiology in Contaminated Communities

Unit 4: Cancer and the Environment

Unit 5: Holding Governments, Corporations, and Scientists Accountable

Unit 6: Justice for Migrant Farmworkers and Violence against Health Care Workers

No required readings.

Unit 7: Economic Well-Being vs. Human Health—the Emergence and Roles of Social Movements

Unit 8: Case Studies—Environmental Threats at Home and at Work

Forster, J. (Producer), Calvert, P., & Plain Speech (Writers). (2006). The beloved community [Video file]. San Francisco: California Newsreel. Used with permission.

  • Read the Executive Summary, page 5–10.