APST 470: Building Envelope and Assemblies (Rev. C2) Report a Broken Link

APST 470 focuses on the application of building science principles to the design of building enclosures. 

Unit 1

Required Readings

In, Volume 2, Part 5 Environmental Separation, read:

·       5.1 General

·       5.2 Loads and Procedures

·       5.3 Heat Transfer

·       5.4 Air Leakage

·       5.5 Vapour Diffusion

·       Appendix C Climatic and Seismic Information for Building Design in Canada

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). (n.d.) Construction tolerances. 

Unit 2

Required Readings

Unit 3

Required Readings

Note: This is a great, free – and comprehensive – resource – albeit in American units. Download it and save it in your Personal Archive.

Unit 8

Supplementary Readings

Unit 10

Pay close attention to the sections on joints and joint sealants.

Unit 11

Required Readings

This document was Required Reading for Unit 3, but please review it again as it is a good summary of the principles behind this course.

Supplementary Readings