ANTH 499: Medical Anthropology (Rev. C4) Report a Broken Link

Unit 1

“Medical Anthropology: Central Concepts and Development” by Hans A. Baer, Merrill Singer, and Ida Susser
“Medical Anthropology: An introduction to the Fields” by Peter J. Brown, Ronald L. Barrett, and Mark B. Padilla

Unit 2

“Theoretical Perspectives in Medical Anthropology” by Hans A. Baer, Merrill Singer, and Ida Susser
“The Ecology of Health and Disease” by Ann McElroy and Patricia K. Townsend

Chapter 1 in Medical Anthropology in Ecological Perspective

“The Narrative Representation of Illness” by Byron J. Good
“The Madness of Hunger: Sickness, Delirium, and Human Needs.” Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 12: 429-458.

Unit 3

“Tenacious Assumptions in Western Medicine” by Deborah R. Gordon
“Biomedical Hegemony in the Context of Medical Pluralism” by Hans A. Baer, Merrill Singer, and Ida Susser

Unit 6

“Doctor-Patient Interactions” by Cecil G. Helman
“A Patient So Dead: American Medical Students and Their Cadavers.” Anthropological Quarterly 61(1): 17-25.
Malone, Ruth E. 2003. “Distal Nursing.” Social Science and Medicine 56: 2317-2326.

Unit 7

“Introduction: Is Witchcraft Medicine Good Medicine?” and “The Wild Earth and Its Children” by Wolf-Dieter Storl
“The Sorcerer and his Magic” by Claude Lévi-Strauss
Low, Setha M.  1988. “The Medicalization of Healing Cults in Latin America.” American Ethnologist 15(1): 136-154.

Unit 8

“Do Psychiatric Disorders Differ in Different Cultures?” by Arthur Kleinman
Warin, Megan. 2003. “Miasmatic Calories and Saturating Fats: Fear of Contamination in Anorexia.” Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 27: 77-93.
Breslau, Joshua. 2004. “Cultures of Trauma: Anthropological Views of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in International Health.” Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 28: 113-126.
Rubel, Arthur J., and Carmella C. Moore. 2001. “The Contribution of Medical Anthropology to a Comparative Study of Culture: Susto and Tuberculosis.” Medical Anthropology Quarterly 15(4): 440-454.