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The debate over national history has been going on for more than a quarter of a century, although it has been particularly heated during the past decade. While you should have an understanding of the parameters of the debate, this course will be more concerned with what the debate reveals about the nature of Canada, where it has taken scholarship, and what light it has shed upon that most fuzzy of concepts, the Canadian identity. You will also consider whether it is fair to say - as some have recently said - that Canada may be the first postmodern nation.

Unit 1

Supplementary Materials

These supplementary materials will be useful to you throughout the course.
Stanley, Timothy J. (2000). Why I Killed Canadian History: Towards an Anti-Racist History in Canada. Histoire sociale/Social History 33,65, 79–103.
This article is not available through the AU library. Please consult your local library.
This is by far the most comprehensive list of materials and Web sites for Canadian studies. Use this page as a starting point on the Internet.
This web site contains information distinguished by the following topics:
    Canadiana and British Columbiana: General
    Government: General: All Jurisdictions
    Social Sciences
This resource page provides links to a range of interdisciplinary topics including heritage, culture, entertainment, education, history, technology, commerce, and industry.
Browse through the index of digital collections to find historical information on particular areas of Canada.
Browse through the federal government's digital content and heritage resources.
This link contains a guide to Canadian Political Science resources and government links.
The Canadian Poetry Archive features selected poems from over 100 early English- and French-language Canadian poets. Digitized from public domain anthologies found in the National Library of Canada's rich literature collection, the poems represent some of Canada's most notable poetry from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Canadian Poetry Archive database is searchable by poet, title, keywords and date.
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Canadiana Quick Reference provides answers to some of the "quick reference" questions that the National Library of Canada receives regularly.
This page contains a large selection of topics including aboriginal peoples, exploration and settlement, politics and government, and many more. Check it out!
This page provides an inventory of Canadian Digital Initiatives and indicates whether they are part of the main collection, reference resource, or thematic exhibition.
This page offers a selection of Library and Archives Canada resources on the topic of literature.
The purpose of this site is to provide a comprehensive list of links to Canadian archives and associated resources on the Internet. These include links to individual repositories, multi-repository databases, archival listservs, archival associations, educational opportunities, and other related sites. Links are generally limited to archival repositories, but museums and library special collections departments have been included when they contain reference to non-published materials.

Unit 2

Required Readings