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Linux command learning objects Linux Command Examples
Linux Fundamentals This course will teach you the procedures for installing, using, and administering Linux. The instructions and examples throughout the course will be given using the Red Hatâ„¢ distribution.
Linux Junior
Mark G Sobell, A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux 8 PDF - files by the book Chapters
Linux Command Line Tutorial
Mandriva Installation of a version of Linux called Mandriva.
Linux Web site View the official Linux Web site
Linux Web site Visit the official Linux Web site
Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial An in-depth and easy to understand introduction to Linux. Here you will find over 300 articles on a wide range of Linux-related topics, glossary definitions, links to more information as well as questions and answers.
St. Norbert College, Linux Tutorial
Knoppix Download
Linux Questions Forum
ibiblio linux archive search
Why Linux
Avi Silberschatz, Peter Galvin, Greg Gagne , The Linux System ( Chapter 20 ) PPT slides, COMP 314 Case Study
William Shotts, Jr. , Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts. " is a Linux education and advocacy site devoted to helping users of legacy operating systems migrate into the future."
Machtelt Garrels, Introduction to Linux A Hands on Guide,
All Distributions of Linux
Machtelt Garrels, Introduction to Red Hat Linux, A Hands on Guide
Linux Magazine -- resource of articles for NEWBIES
Linux Survival Guide
Linux Command Directory
An A-Z Index of the Linux BASH command line
Oreilly Web Site, Linux Command Directory
William Shotts, Jr., Superman Pages


Section 1
The Creation of Unix Operating System
Sections 1 -- 2
Exercises with answers
Ragib Hasan, History of Linux
What is Linux
Operating Systems
Wikipedia, Linux
What is UNIX? (Section2)
what is the shell
GNU Operating System
System Structure: The Role of the Kernel
Section 4
Linux: Text Editors
VI editor screenshot
GUI Linux/ Unix with screenshots
PICO Editor
Get and feel for a Linux distribution, Red Hat Linux 6.1, by using online interactive desktop copyrights:


Exercises with answers
Section 1
Logging in, activating the user interface and logging out
An Overview of the UNIX* Operating System (Section 1)
Shell Command Language Index
Linux keyboard shortcuts
Section 2
Getting Help
Linux: Reading Man Pages
The Graphical environment ( X-windows )
Hal Morroff, Getting Help man pages
Section 3
Learning the shell ( LS )
Linux command ( CAT )
Learning the shell ( RM )


Exercises with answers
Sections 1
Linux: Reading Man Pages
Mastering the VI editor (section 1)
Manipulating files
Information about the Linux/UNIX elm command (Section2)
File System Organization
An Introduction to (UNIX) Pine (Section 2)
Printing Files
Section 2
GZIP homepage 'Untarring and unzipping files'
Section 3
Viewing and searching the Linux man pages, Searching with 'apropos' Commands:' whoami, whatis, whereis which'
Section 4 -- 5 'WHO' command
Bill McCarty Learning a Script : 'W' command sample
Getting Started With Email Using Pine ( University of Washington )
St. Norbert College Communicating With Other People


Exercises with answers
Section 1
William Shotts, Jr , Linux: Manipulating files
Linux Command Line Tutorial
Linux Days 2002, Advanced Tutorial (Section 1)
UNIX Tutorial for Beginners (Section2)
William Shotts, Jr., File System Organization
Standard Directories and Files
UNIX Tutorial for Beginners (Section 3)
Linux Command Line Tutorial
Section 2
William Shotts, Jr., Linux: Permission
Section 3
Manipulating Files: rm
Linking Files


Exercises with answers
Section 1
Orientation in the file system
Regular Expressions (Section1)
Regular Expressions (Yadu Digital, Inc.)(Section 1)
An A-Z Index of the Linux BASH command line (Section 1)
Sections 2 -- 3
An A-Z Index of the Linux BASH command line (Section 2)
I/O Redirection Standard Input/ Output, Pipes...
I/O Redirection
Searching Files on UNIX (Section 2)
A Guide to AWK (Section 3)
Section 4
Job Control: ( bg, fg )
Manipulating Files: Linking Files (Section 3)
Section 5


Section 1 -- 2
Exercises with answers
I/O Redirection
Mark G. Sobell. Red Hat Linux: Networking and the Internet/ Types of Networks and How They Work
I/O Redirection
Cooke, WAN's and LAN's (U of S),
Section 3
Mark G. Sobell. Red Hat Linux: Networking and the Internet / Communicate over a Network
Linux: Communicating With Other People
Section 4
Mark G. Sobell., Red Hat Linux: Networking and the Internet / Network Utilities
Section 5
Mark G. Sobell., Red Hat Linux: Networking and the Internet / Distributed Computing
Section 6
Mark G. Sobell., Red Hat Linux: Networking and the Internet / WWW: World Wide Web


Exercises with answers
Sections 1 -- 8
The Linux ( interactive ) Tutorial Editing Files VI Basics
Job Control
UBC, Text Editors: VI Interactive course
Process Types
Bill McCarty, The Truth About Text ( with grep command )


GNU Emacs -- GNU Project
How Does the Internet Work? (Section 1)
EmacsWiki: SiteMap
Troubleshooting TCP/IP (Section 1)
Red Hat Linux: Networking and the Internet (Section 2)
GNU Emacs Manual
University of BC, Text Editors: Emacs Interactive course


Shell scripting
Alex Shender, Columbia University, Unix: Shell scripting tutorial
Exercises with answers
Common Shell Features Tables
Differing Shell Features tables
Writing Shell Scripts (Section1)
Writing Shell scripts
Differing Features (Section 1)
Writing Shell Scripts (Section 2)


Exercises with answers
Backup Basics
Flow Control ( Shell Programming )
File Systems Backup Management
Writing shell scripts ( index )
Mike G mikkey, Bash Programming ( with examples )


C programs examples
Exercises with answers
Building C Programs on Linux
C programming for Linux
Introduction to C Programming
C Introduction
GCC Frontend HOWTO
How To build simple C programs on Linux ( Linux Forum )
A. D. Marshall , Programming in C
GCC compiler