STMT-500: Strategic Management Report a Broken Link

The non-textbook readings and cases for this course are provided as AU Library links, web links, PDF files, videos, or slideshows as follows. Please note that some of these readings, depending on the provider, will open automatically when you click on the link. If the reading does not, please check your download folder.

Required Readings

Lesson 1

Transcript for Chapter 1 Video

Lesson 2

Transcript for Chapter 2 Video

Lesson 3

Transcript for Chapter 3 Video
Transcript for Chapter 4 Video

Lesson 4

Transcript for Chapter 5 Video

Lesson 5

Transcript for Chapter 6 Video

Lesson 6

Transcript for Chapter 7 Video

Lesson 7

No DRR Readings for Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 1 Supp. Rdgs.

This reading demonstrates how Porter's model can be made more applicable to the public sector and not-for-profit organizations

Transcript for Chapter 8 Video
Transcript for Chapter 9 Video
Transcript for Chapter 10 Video
Transcript for Chapter 12 Video
Transcript for Chapter 13 Video

Supplementary Readings

Lesson 2 Supp. Rdgs.

Lesson 3 Supp. Rdgs.

Lesson 4 Supp. Rdgs.

Lesson 5 Supp. Rdgs.

Lesson 6 Supp. Rdgs.

Lesson 7 Supp. Rdgs.

No Supp Readings for Lesson 7

Lesson 8 Supp. Rdgs.

This reading debunks five myths on strategy execution.

This reading highlights the progression of strategic management research over the years. Figure 1 depicts macro and micro level pendulum shifts.