COMP 347: Computer Networks I Report a Broken Link

COMP 347 is designed to teach students fundamentals of analysis and design of computer networks. To accommodate the needs of students without enough programming background, the programming part has been removed from this revision, and there will be no programming questions in the assignments and the final exam. Sudents who wish to learn how to develop network applications are advised to further take Comp 348.

Required Readings

Unit 0

Textbook's Companion Website

Unit 1

Objective 1
An Overview of the World Wide Web
A Little History of the World Wide Web
Histories of the Internet
W3Schools' HTML Tutorial
The Internet Engineering Task Force
WWW Consortium homepage
Online Quizzes

Unit 2

IETF Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Working Group Index
Cisco Systems
Online Quizzes

Unit 3

Online Quizzes

Unit 4

Objective 2's IP Address Subnetting Tutorial
Online Quizzes

Unit 5

Online Quizzes

Unit 6

Objective 1
Network Magazine
Objective 2
Phone Systems
Online Quizzes

Unit 7

Objective 1
educate me@Linksys
Internet Connection Sharing FAQ
Windows XP Networking
Windows 95 / 98 FAQ
Microsoft Broadband Networking
Windows Networking
Windows Networking
Objective 2
Net3-4 Howto
Linux Intranet Server HOWTO
Ethernet Howto
PPP Howto
ADSL bandwidth management Howto
Firewall Howto
Cable modem Howto
Networking Overview
VMWare Player
Virtual Appliance Marketplace

Unit 8

The Linux Network Administrators' Guide
Online Quizzes