ANTH 402: Ethnographic Research Methods (Rev. C3) Report a Broken Link

This is a senior-level course in anthropological research methods that reviews issues in ethnographic research. The focus is on gaining skills and practice in doing ethnographic research. The course involves learning about research methods and then applying them to a subject of each student's interest. You will gain practical experience in defining a research problem, doing background literature research, writing a research proposal, and carrying out and presenting a small independent field project. This course allows the opportunity to learn through experience and complements Anthropology 401: Ethnography, the Writing of Culture.

Unit 1: Introduction and the Nature of Ethnographic Research

No online readings

Unit 2: Ethnography as Qualitative Research

Unit 3: Defining a Research Problem or Question

No online readings

Unit 4: Research Design—Matching Methods, Locale, and Time Frame

Unit 5: Ethics in Human Research

Unit 6: Documentary Research and Literature Review

Unit 7: Research Techniques—Participant Observation and Interviewing

Unit 8: Visual Methods—Ethnographic Film, Video, and Photography in Ethnography

Viewing Assignment

Unit 9: Organizing Data and Data Analysis

No online readings

Unit 10: Research Proposals and Project Design

No online readings

General Readings