RIBR-605: International Business: Understanding and Managing Risks Report a Broken Link

Setting up projects or investing in foreign countries without realizing the potential risks of such activities is commonplace. This course is designed to provide an understanding of these foreign aspects in order to support decisions that both understand and minimize the risk of doing business in various global contexts.

Students will explore international practices through a series of topics. Content covered includes understanding the legal risks of foreign investment, minimizing the risks by investing in countries which have Bilateral Investment Treaties with the home country, political risk insurance and using international arbitration or mediation to settle disputes which may result in awards which are enforceable against the assets of the foreign government.

Required Readings

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Week 6

Note to students: Please review Reading 11 (audio recording) from Week 2.

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There are no readings this week.

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Supplementary Readings

Week 1 Supp. Rdgs.

Week 2 Supp. Rdgs.

Week 3 Supp. Rdgs

Week 4 Supp. Rdgs.

Week 5 Supp. Rdgs.

Week 6 Supp. Rdgs.

See Davis and Franks (2014) reading from Week 1 Supplementary Readings and Alvarez (2014) video from Week 2 Supplementary Readings

Week 7 Supp. Rdgs.

Week 8 Supp. Rdgs.

There are no supplementary readings this week.

Week 9 Supp. Rdgs.

There are no supplementary readings this week.

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