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Services lie at the hub of economic activity in many societies. In our society, and in that of other industrialized economies, the service sector employs a large and growing proportion of the workforce. As a result, managers must learn how a service strategy can contribute to a competitive advantage for their organizations. This course focuses on the marketing and operations components required to develop and implement a service-oriented strategy. Topics include the following:

  • the nature of services and their distinctive characteristics
  • service quality issues and approaches for measuring service quality
  • managing service operations including forecasting demand for services
  • managing capacity and demand


Required Readings

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Reading 16: McKie, M., Droege, L. C., Benoit, K., Flaherty, T., Colmenares, M., & Bullock, G. [Maddie McKie]. (2013, November 20). IKEA - servicescape [Video file].

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Supplementary Readings

COVID-19 Related Readings

Week 1 Supp. Rdg.

Pine, B. J., & Gilmore, J. H. (2011). The experience economy: Work is theatre & every business a stage. Boston: Harvard Business Press.

Week 4 Supp. Rdg.

Week 6 Supp. Rdg.

Week 7 Supp. Rdg.

Week 8 Supp. Rdg.