EGMK-655: Global Marketing Management Report a Broken Link

This course is primarily intended for those who are either currently engaged in international business activities or see their future career roles as professionals, managers, or entrepreneurs involved in some aspect of global marketing. The course's purpose is to provide a pragmatic perspective on global marketing, with particular attention to the marketing strategy adjustments and modifications that Canadian organizations must consider in extending their activities to the world marketplace.

Central to the course is the requirement that each student explore and construct a viable and original marketing plan for a new product or service entering a developed country's market.

The course discusses the unique environmental aspects of "going global," looks at the elements of international marketing strategy, and includes an overview of the increasing role of e-marketing in the global marketplace.

Required Readings

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Lesson 5

This is a comprehensive site that covers a wide range of topics on exports and exporting goods from Canada and is intended to be skim-read 

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Supplementary Readings

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