EDPY 469/PSYC 469: Principles of Psychological Assessment (Rev. C4/C5) Report a Broken Link

Unit 1—Applications and Consequences of Psychological Testing

Read the following sections of the document:

•          When Principles Conflict (p. 2)

•          Responsibility of the Individual Psychologist (p. 4)

•          Informed Consent (p. 10)

•          Confidentiality (p. 13)

•          Competence and self-knowledge (p. 16)

•          Minimize harm (p. 18)

Unit 2—The History of Psychological Testing

Unit 3—Norms and Reliability

Unit 4—Validity and Test Development

Unit 5—Theories and Individual Tests of Intelligence and Achievement

Unit 6—Group Tests and Controversies in Ability Testing

Unit 8—Origins of Personality Testing & Unit 9—Assessment of Normality and Human Strengths

Unit 10—Neuropsychological Assessment and Screening

Assignment 1

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