GOVN 677: Privacy and Transparency in a Networked World (Rev. 1) Report a Broken Link

Required Readings

Unit 1

Unit 2

David Lyon, “Surveillance as Social Sorting” (YouTube)
Jim Stroud. “Whatever happened to employee privacy?” (YouTube)

Unit 3

PoliticsMatters, "Freedom of Information Act the Pros and Cons." (YouTube)

Unit 4

Unit 5

Simon Denyer. “China’s Watchful Eye.” The Washington Post. 07 January, 2018.

Unit 6

Unit 7

Unit 8

Socialnomics 2018 (YouTube)
"Are You Living an Insta Lie? Social Media Versus Reality" (YouTube)
Jaron Lanier. "Why Algorithms Can’t Save Us from Trolls and Hate Speech.” (TedTalk)
“Is Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health” (TedTalk)
“How Facebook Tracks Your Data,” (YouTube)
“The Psychology Behind Facebook Data Breach” (YouTube)
“Second Thought, Why Facebook’s Data Scandal is a Big Deal” (YouTube)
“How Russia Invades Our Elections” (YouTube)
“Equifax Canada Co: Identity Theft” (YouTube)
"How China Is Changing Your Internet” (YouTube)
Helen Waters. “Why an Internet Slow Lane Is a Terrible Idea,” 15 May 2014 (TedTalk)