GOVN 540: Global Governance and Law (Rev. 5) Report a Broken Link

Governance 540: Global Governance and Law, a three-credit, graduate-level course that provides an overview of the theoretical debates on law as governance in an increasingly globalized world. The study of law and governance is multidisciplinary, including sociology, political science, political theory, international relations, psychology, and law. Although it is not possible to cover the vast subject of global governance and law in a single course, the issues that we will study here reflect the significance of globalization to contemporary politics. This course provides the tools and concepts necessary for you to understand and think critically about practices of governance, and how and towards what ends they function in contemporary societies. We will explore some of the current debates on globalization, especially in relation to violence and the use of force, political community, legal legitimacy, and democratic practices.

Unit 1: Introduction to Global Governance and Law

Unit 2: Governance, Governmentality, and Law

Unit 3: The Evolution of International Law

Unit 4: The Global South and International Law

Unit 5: Law Against Violence, Violence of Law

Unit 6: The United Nations, International Criminal Tribunals, and the Laws of War

Unit 7: Globalization, Sovereignty, and Security

Unit 8: Democracy and Global Civil Society

Unit 9: Multilateral Economic Institutions and Global Social Movements

Unit 10: Global Governance in the Age of Neo-Conservatism