EHOP-645: Hockey Operations Report a Broken Link

This course serves as an introduction and overview of hockey operations, with the prime focus on teams in the National Hockey League (NHL). The centerpiece of the course is the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA) and the NHL, which describes the rules and regulations governing both the business behind and the playing of professional hockey for NHL teams. As would be expected, the CBA is highly detailed and covers many topics. To help summarize and focus the key ideas, the course is arranged by topic from the CBA. These topics are supplemented by other topics related to the hockey operations side of a hockey franchise.

Required Readings

Week 1

Note: Scroll down to Season 1, Episode 1.

Week 2

Reading 27: Wagman, R. (Ed.). (2016). 2016–17 prospect guidebook. Quinnipiac, CT: Hockey Prospectus.

Week 3

Week 4

Note: A video of this conference presentation is also available on YouTube:

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Reading 111: Rosen, D. (2021, January 12). NHL realignment, taxi squad for only one season, Daly says in Q&A.

Supplementary Readings

Note for students: To view European sites in English, search site address in Google, and use the Google Translate feature, or download the Chrome browser.

Week 1 Supp. Rdgs.

Week 2 Supp. Rdgs.

Week 3 Supp. Rdgs.

Week 4 Supp. Rdgs.

Independent Hockey Analytics sites:

Week 5 Supp. Rdgs.

Week 6 Supp. Rdgs.

There are no supplementary readings this week.

Week 7 Supp. Rdgs.

Week 8 Supp. Rdgs.

There are no supplementary readings this week.