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ENGL 211 introduces students to four literary forms: the short story, essay, novella, and novel. By examining specific works and the accompanying commentaries in two study guides, students encounter major literary concepts and terms, as well as key authors and works from British, Canadian, and American literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Among the authors studied in this course are Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Margaret Laurence, William Faulkner, Katherine Mansfield, Alistair MacLeod, Joseph Conrad, and George Orwell.


Short Stories
Kate Chopin
Kate Chopin A comprehensive site with links to Chopin’s texts in electronic form, to secondary sources, and other academic sites.
Kate Chopin In addition to a biography and bibliography of Chopin, there are also academic resources and critical essays.
William Faulkner
William Faulkner on the Web This site contains a biography, a chronology, a list of his work, as well as links to other sites with information on Faulkner.
The William Faulkner Society

A site dedicated to fostering scholarship on William Faulkner.

James Joyce
The James Joyce Centre A site dedicated to the understanding and promotion of Joyce’s work.
James Joyce A critical biography of Joyce.
Katherine Mansfield
Katherine Mansfield: Short Story Moderniser A comprehensive biography of the writer and links to other resources and papers on Mansfield’s critical reception both in New Zealand and abroad.
Katherine Mansfield A critical biography of Mansfield.
“Bliss” and Other Stories This is an excellent electronic collection of many of Mansfield’s works.
Alistair MacLeod
An Interview with Alistair MacLeod MS Word Doc Interview by Robert Jarovi from The Scots Canadian.
Alistair MacLeod – Author Profile Provides a bibliography and biography of MacLeod.
Margaret Laurence
Margaret Laurence Home This site contains biographical information and links to other sites.
Margaret Laurence: Canada’s Divine Writer Archived CBC interviews with Margaret Laurence.
Sinclair Ross

Sinclair Ross. The Lamp at Noon. The Harbrace Anthology of Short Fiction, 155-162.

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Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad There is a large collection of links, conferences, electronic texts and bibliographic material on Conrad at this site.
Joseph Conrad: A Biographical Note A brief biography of Joseph Conrad.
Margaret Atwood
Margaret Atwood A biography and an essay by Atwood on her writing philosophy.
The Atwood Society Website This site contains a bibliography of publications on Margaret Atwood and her works, and a list of additional internet resources.
Neil Bissoondath
Author Profile: Neil Bissoondath A profile of Neil Bissoondath.
No Place Like Home An essay by Bissoondath on multiculturalism in Canada.
E.M. Forster
E.M. Forster A critical biography of Forster.
“My Wood” Exercises, study questions and a reading of Forster’s “My Wood.”
Stephen King
Stephen King The official Stephen King Web site.
George Orwell
Political Writings of George Orwell The political writings of George Orwell. This site also has links to other information on the author.
George Orwell A brief biography of Orwell.
E.B. White
E.B. White A critical biography of White.
“Once More to the Lake” A sample answer to an essay question on White’s “Once More to the Lake.”
Margaret Laurence
The Stone Angel An independent study project on Laurence’s novel.
Ernest Hemingway
The Hemingway Resource Centre This page includes a short biography, critical analyses, and pictures.
Ernest Hemingway A critical biography of Hemingway.
Charles Dickens
The Dickens Project An academic portal centering on Dickens; it includes links to conferences, texts and teacher and student resources.
The Dickens Page Mitsuharu Matsuoka of the University of Nagoya produces this site; it contains some useful information about Dickens’s life and works, as well as many links. To reach specific information on Great Expectations, click on Academic Resources and then Great Expectations. This provides some overview information on plot, characterization, etc., as well as supplementary information.
General Sites
Elements of the Short Story Online activities related to the elements of short stories.
Definition of the Novel A comprehensive definition and history of the novel.
Canadian Writers This site profiles Canadian writers included in Athabasca University’s literature and language courses.
Northwest Passages: Canadian Literature Online Northwest Passages is a comprehensive Web site dedicated to Canadian literature.
The Victorian Web The Victorian Web is a comprehensive Web site dedicated to all aspects of Victorian society, culture, aesthetics, authors, literary canon, and genres.
The Voice of the Shuttle A Web site for humanities research with links to humanities and humanities-related resources.
English Literature on the Web Dozens of links to literary sites.
Writing and Glossary Sites
The Write Site This site is designed to assist Athabasca University students with essay writing.
The Oxford English Dictionary Online Available through Athabasca University Library.
Glossary of Literary Terms
Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms