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Community development is the process of supporting and building communities through purposive action. Its practitioners apply theories and concepts that are related to the structures and participants involved. Building on analytical materials and skills, this course examines the nature of community in its variety of forms; issues and conditions that have an impact on communities; forces at work within communities, as well as those operating from outside; variations in community practice (economic and social development, social planning) and geographical setting; and applications in professional and academic fields as varied as education, literacy, economic development, health, social, and human services. Perspectives on the community that arise from policy setting, cross cultural relations, personal and global involvements, and practice strategies will also be examined as will specific concerns of Indigenous communities.

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Friedmann, John. (1987). Part 1: The terrain of planning theory. In Planning in the public domain: From knowledge to action. Princeton, N.J. Princeton University Press.
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