SOCI 348: Sociology of Environment and Health Report a Broken Link

Sociology 348: Sociology of Environment and Health is a three-credit, intermediate-level course that explores the relationship between the impacts of industrial activity on the environments in which people live and work, and the health of those exposed to these impacts.
Items marked * are very important.)

Supplementary Readings

Unit 1

(see video as well, with Jo Lynn Sheane reporting, 2:30 min.).

Unit 2

*Zaillian, Steven. A Civil Action (film). Touchstone, 1999. (Available through AU Library)
*Soderbergh, Steven. Erin Brockovich (film). Universal (2000). (Available through AU Library)

Unit 3

Unit 4

*Thornton, Joe. Pandora’s Box: Chlorine, Health and a New Environmental Strategy. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 2000.

Unit 5

(This is a web site run by one of the companies that were sued by the Woburn residents. It is a reaction to the film and book titled A Civil Action.
*Mann, Michael. The Insider (film). Touchstone Pictures, 1999. (Available through AU Library)

Unit 6

Blair, A. “Leukemia Among Nebraska Farmers: A Death Certificate Study.” American Journal of Epidemiology 110.3 (1979): 264–273.
*United Farm Workers of America. The Wrath of Grapes (film). Wayne State University, 1986. (Available through AU Library)
*Clark, Duane, dir. Bitter Harvest, 1993.

Unit 7

*Haley, Ella, David Brundage, Richard Tunstall, and Blaise McMullin. Missing Voices (film). Athabasca University, 2002. (Available through AU Library)