MAIS 613: Transformatory Organizing Report a Broken Link

Master of Arts—Integrated Studies 613: Transformatory Organizing is a graduate course about organizing within the context of globalization. The course introduces students to feminist analyzes of development and organizing, and to strategies for transforming organizations and overcoming the marginalization of women. It argues that the big corporations, bad jobs, and low wages of global capitalism disproportionately affect women, and it explores organizing strategies to combat these exclusionary processes.

This course focuses on theoretical and practical ways to reframe, rethink, and transform development through our organizing strategies that will create a place for women to share equitably in shaping a world that suits us all. Most writing on women and development does not look at processes of organizing and at organizing strategies in any depth. Those who write about organizing strategies from a critical perspective—that is, those who question how we get what we want done without exploiting each other—seldom read the women and development literature. This course attempts to bridge the gap. At the theoretical level it examines assumptions of development and of organizing and how they do, or do not, marginalize women. At the practical level, it examines existing strategies to end the marginalization of women in organizations and in development projects. Thus, the course identifies what organizers and activists are able to accomplish, and how to set about doing it. In a reversal of “the ends justify the means,” the course author argues that the means chosen to organize produce the ends.

The primary objective of the course is the examination of the practice–based transformatory organizing strategies that organizers need to know and apply to bring about change for women, and in the process, to change society.

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