ANTH 377: Archaeologies of Turtle Island Report a Broken Link

ANTH 377: Archaeologies of Turtle Island is a senior-level anthropology course that explores the archaeological pasts of Turtle Island—a.k.a. North America—and their impacts on communities and nations today. The student will cover topics ranging from the First Peoples on the continent to the arrival of European populations up to today. 

Unit 1: Welcome to Turtle Island

Section 1.1: Turtle Island Archaeologies
Section 1.2: Whose Past? Narrators and Stewards

Unit 2: Time Immemorial

Section 2.1: Eurasian Origins and Critiques
Section 2.2: Migration Routes and Lifeways
Section 2.3: A Warming Postglacial World

Unit 3: The Turtle’s Front

Section 3.1: Arctic Peoples and Climate Change
Section 3.2: Northeastern Forest Dwellers and Rock Artists
Section 3.3: Northwest Coast Farmers and Their Dogs

Unit 4: The Turtle’s Shell

Section 4.1: Eastern Woodland Peoples and Living Landscapes
Section 4.2: The Connected Worlds of Plains, Basin, and Plateau Peoples

Unit 5: The Turtle’s Hind

Section 5.1: Mississippians and Ancient-Modern Identity in the Southeast
Section 5.2: Greater Southwest Peoples and Other Related Beings
Section 5.3: The Living Legacies of Caribbean and Mesoamerican Peoples

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Unit 6: Turtle Island’s Recent Histories

Section 6.1: Interactions and Encounters at “Contact”
Section 6.2: Impactful Archaeologies Today

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