ANTH 272: Time Travellers: Archaeologists at Work Report a Broken Link

This introductory-level anthropology course is designed to provide background in the history of archaeology and the methods and theories used by archaeologists to interpret material remains from distant and recent pasts. It is a foundation course for students interested in taking senior-level archaeology courses.


Unit 1: Searching for the Past—the History of Archaeology

Kutz, David, dir. 1994. The African Burial Ground: An American Discovery. Brooklyn, NY: Kutz Television, Inc.
Alternative Reading for Required Viewing

Unit 2: What Is Left? The Variety of the Evidence

Unit 3: Where? Survey and Excavation of Sites and Features

Unit 4: When? Dating Methods and Chronology

Unit 5: How Were Societies Organized? Social Archaeology

Unit 6: What Was the Environment, and What Did They Eat? Environment, Subsistence, and Diet

Unit 7: How Were Artifacts Made, Used, and Distributed? Technology, Trade, and Exchange

Unit 8: What Were They Like? The Bioarchaeology of People

Unit 9: What Did They Think? Cognitive Archaeology

Assignment 2: Garbology Project

Unit 10: Why Did Things Change? Explanation in Archaeology

Unit 11: Whose Past? Archaeology and the Public

Unit 12: The Future of the Past—Managing Our Heritage